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Small Group Resources are here to allow you to conveniently download and share notes from the latest Bible Study Series.

MAY 2020

Part 1Reassessment

APRIL 2020

Surviving Seasons of Uncertainty -  6  Part Series
Part 1Surviving a Season of Uncertainty
Part 2 Surviving a Season of Uncertainty
Part 3 Surviving a Season of Uncertainty

JAN-FEB 2021

The Revelation- 7 Part Series
The Revelation: More Than Meets the Eye.m
The Revelation There’s More To Us Than M
The Revelation Pt. 3 So What's Next
The Revelation Pt.4 A View From the Othe
The Revelation Pt 5 Who WIll Be Able to
The Revelation Pt 7 Babylon Has Fallen.m

MARCH 2021

Avoiding the Landmines - 5 Part Series
Facing the Hidden Threat
Exposing the Prideful Heart
Landmines in the Path of the Believer Pt
Avoiding The Landmines In the Path of Th
Avoiding The Landmines In The Path Of Th

APRIL 2021

The Crushing  - 6 Part Series
The Crushing Pt.1 When Everything Falls
The Crushing Pt 2 The Strategy of Cultiv
The Crushing Pt 3 The Crowning from Your
The Crushing Pt 4 Let's Make Wine
The Crushing Pt 5 They Have Been With Je
The Crushing Pt 6 God Has a Plan

MAY 2021

FOCUSED - 4 Part Series
Bible Study Series Focused
Focused Pt 2 Unshook
Focused Pt 3 UnDivided
Focused Pt 4 determined


Surviving the Times - 6 Part Series
Surviving the Times Pt 1 Put on the Truth
Surviving the Times Pt 2 Covered in Righteousness
Surviviing The Times Pt.3 Standing in Peace
Surviving the Times Pt.4: Shielded By My Faith
Surviving the Times Pt 5 I Need a Word
Surviving the Times Pt 6 Standing in the Secret Place


Principles for Powerful Prayer - 3 Part Series
Pt.1 Principles of Powerful Prayer: Standing in the Secret Place
Pt 2 The Principles of Powerful Prayer: Teach Me How to Pray
Pt 3 Principles of Powerful Prayer: Why is God Not Answering My Prayer


I Know Who I Am -4 Part Series
I Know Who I Am Pt 1 Understanding the Anointing
I Know WHo I Am Pt 2 Living My Best Life
I Know Who I Am Pt3 Shift the Atmosphere
I Know Who I Am Pt 4 Don't Let Anything Stop Your Song


The Reason Why I Praise - 3 Part Series
The Reason Why I Praise Pt 1 Rescued, Redeemed & Rejoicing
The Reason Why I Praise Pt 2 Love Lifteed Me
The Reason Why I Praise Pt 3 It Won't End Like It Started
The Perfect Gift - 3 Part Series


The Perfect Gift Pt 1 Our Mighty God
The Perfect Gift Pt 2 Our Wonderful Counselor
The Perfect Gift Pt 3 Our Everlasting Father
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