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Series: The Sower, The Seed and The Soil

God has given us a word that shall not come back void. This is our opportunity to trust in every word He has said about us.

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Can You Here Me Now

The Power of His Voice

Step On In It

What Are You Looking For

Measuring Your Faith

Don't Let The It Change You

They've Been With Jesus

A Heart After The Kingdom

The Great Expectation

God's Got This

It's Just a Matter of Time

Your Setback Is Your Setup For Your Comeback

An Overdue Oil Change

The Power of a Made Up Mind

Great Thing's for the King

Going Out On A Limb

Another Kind of Love

Love Found A Way

It's Through My Praise

Master Builders

The Grace to Birth My Blessing

Rooted for the Shift

There More to Us Than Meets the Eye

He Will Do Just What He Say's

What Do You Have?

Facing the Hidden Threat

Making It On Broken Pieces

We Have Been Here Before

Lord Thank You For My Do Over

It's In Your Mouth

Unstoppable: The Church Movement

Pastor Donald's 8th Year Celebration

I Am Saved

I Have Everything I Need

In Due Season

I Got to Tell You Something

I'm Shielded By My Faith

Principles for Powerful Prayer

Keep Pushing Through

Living My Best Life

Favor Just Ain't Fair

God Will Restore

It's On You

He Has a Place for You

Have You Tried Me Yet

The Order Has Been Given

Lord I'm Only Trusting in You

A Measure of Faith 

It's In Your Hands

His Eyes Are On Us

The Matter's of The Heart

The Glory Story

Thank You Anyhow!

Lord, I Need Another Touch

Be Grateful

The God of Peace

Just Remind Yourself

I'm Caught Up

I Want to Know What Love Is

I Set Aside My Right

I'm Willing & Able

It Has to Happen

I Can't Give Up My Praise

I Have the Grace to Make it

Finish Strong

I'm Clear to Climb

I Will Rise

God Is Going to Get It Out

Keep Showing Up

The Glory Stealer

Lord Change My Name

I Saw It All

What I'm After Is Bigger Than The Boat

Prepared for Impact

Unstoppable: The Ones God Chooses

Unstoppable: The Ones God Chooses...

I Will Know It When I See It

Pray, Plant and Prepare

God's Prescription for Our Problems

I Just Can't Sit Down

You Can't Have My Head


Somebody Prayed For Me

Living My Best Life Pt.2: Make the Switch

Thank You for Freeing Me Ephesians1:7

Your Morning is Coming

I Can Relate

A Season of Change

The Wayside Soil

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